Internet presences GGT’s internet presence is the ideal complement to your presentation in the forum. Many products on display in the exhibition can also be found in the internet – with extensive product information and a direct link to the manufacturer. A convenient package for planners, architects, craftsmen and end consumers. Joint presentations GGT organises joint stands at many trade exhibitions and events. Under the joint GGT umbrella, a multitude of companies from the most varied industries present their products. You too can make your product known to the public in this way. Competence for the growing over 50s market Thanks to a constantly increasing life expectancy, the proportion of older people is growing. They make up a demanding customer base. There has long been a prosperous older generation who are prepared to invest in order to be able to live as comfortably and independently as possible. For retailers and traders, this means new opportunities to prove oneself as a competent service provider for this attractive market. GGT provides the required know-how to the most varied professional groups (such as the bathroom and sanitation industry) in seminars and training sessions. Take advantage of GGT’s capabilities to break into this unique market sector.