trials, optimisation and labelling °Public relations work Permanent exhibitions internet presences, trade exhibitions, catalogues, publications °Training Training courses for industrial, retail and trade businesses, specialist planners and architects Development assistance activities The largest and most cost intensive potential area for change is in the product development process. That’s why you should involve GGT, with its unique countrywide network and numerous focus groups, early on in the product development process. You get a product which is optimised for the target group and whole lot of know-how for improvements and new developments. The result - an excellent product A successful product should not just meet functional requirements, but should also meet the expectations of every user – of whatever age – with regard to convenience, quality and aesthetics. It is with this in mind that products are tested and labelled at GGT. When carrying out trials, the over 50s generation is a barometer for the interests of and acceptance among all consumers. The spectrum of relevant products reflects the multi-layered nature of the target group. Demand is both for lively and convenient living and for helpful products in the case of illness or physical limitations. Your product in focus More than 850 products from the most varied areas of life are presented to both specialists and end consumers in the large permanent exhibition (more than 1000